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 Institute structure



Academic Council of the Institute is a public deliberative body, uniting leading scientists and specialists in the field of medicine and biology.

Academic Council is convened not less than twice a year to solve the most difficult problems in the treatment and diagnostics of different diseases included into research area of the Institute.

Academic Council gives recommendations and determines priority courses of work of the Institute, evaluates promising projects.

 Directorate of the Institute – is an executive collective authority of the Institute. General Director of the Institute is the head of the Directorate. Board of directors controls all current activities of the Institute.  

Department of Experts makes an examination of promising proposals on new medicines, methods and strategies of treatment for the beginning of investigation and further introduction;

 Research Division – deals with development and improvement of medicines, methods of treatment, carries out pre-clinical trials;  

Clinical Department – plans, organizes and accompanies clinical trials of medicines and methods of treatment on volunteers and patients, controls conduction of clinical trials in patient care institutions and medical centers;

 Regulatory Affairs Department – solves questions on receiving permissions to perform clinical trials in Ukraine, registration of medicines and methods of treatment; 

Department of Medical Audit keeps an eye on «purity» of carrying out investigations on all levels, exercises control on normative requirements observance, performs audit verifications; 

Department of Economy and Marketing carries out projects economic evaluation, calculation of costs, economic efficiency, investment income, forms pricing policy, performs economic analysis of Institute activity, ensures material and human resources conservation, works out and controls marketing plans and strategies;  

          Financial Department keeps records and exercises control for safety and effective use of financial and material resources of the Institute, makes up financial plans, optimizes costs and provides with funding sources;  

          Introduction and Distribution Department  performs contractual work, ensures realization of goods, work and services of the Institute, principals and clients, performs analysis of status of Institute and realizable goods and services at the market, state of marketing outlets, investigation of existing sale networks and supply systems, takes measures on organizing of advertising and sale promotion, ensures fulfilling tasks and obligations on concluded contracts and orders.


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