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Metabolic syndrome

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                                    «GRINIZATION™» method was worked out by an American corporation «World Grinization System inc.» for rehabilitation of oncologic patients, for treatment of chronic hepatitides of different etiology and metabolic syndrome (syndrome X).  

Technology of receiving multinutrient functional peptide complex (MFPC) completely excludes the use of chemical factors of influence on natural ingredients, received from ecologically clean and safe for the people raw materials of animal and plant origin, by multi-stage low-temperature and nonenzymatic treatment.

Structural and regulatory proteins devoid of its specie peculiarity, fragments of nuclear DNA (as ready building material of intracellular reparation systems), as well as phospholipids, vitamins and microelements, which are natural metabolites and have their own biological activity, are significant components of MFPC.

 The use of «GRINIZATION™» method in case of malignant neoplasms causes no side effects and improves quality of life of the patients significantly. Carrying out rehabilitation course allows to achieve regression and stabilization of growth of main tumor process and metastases in 77% of observations. 

 The use of  «GRINIZATION™» method in case of chronic viral and autoimmune hepatitides demonstrated its marked immunomodulatory action depending on etiological factor that leads to normalization of indices of bilirubin, cytolytic enzymes (ALT, AST), normalization of protein metabolism and finally to considerable decrease of viral load in case of hepatitis C (virus elimination in case of hepatitis B is noted). 

The use of «GRINIZATION™» method in case of metabolic syndrome allows to improve general condition, which is characterized clinically by positive dynamics of blood arterial pressure level, normalization of glycemia level and glucose tolerance test, homocystein and cholesterol metabolism.

 At present research work is carried out on study of method efficacy in case of diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, nonspecific ulcerative colitis and other autoimmune diseases.

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