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QUESTION: I have hepatitis C (genotype 1 В), I am being treated for 2 years already. I got to know about your method from the press. A hope appeared. Tell me please whether the use of «GRINIZATION™» method is effective in my type of hepatitis?

ANSWER: The method was worked out for treatment of chronic viral (В, С – all genotypes, D and others), cryptogenic, toxic, autoimmune hepatitides. Existed today methods of their treatment are not effective enough that causes quick development of liver cirrhosis or cancer diseases. Our method is practically unique for treatment of autoimmune hepatitides or viral hepatitides with autoimmune component as in case of traditional treatment the patients are forced to take hormonal or cytostatic (antioncological) products practically for the whole life. «GRINIZATION™» method has an apparent effect in case of chronic hepatitides, also it can be prescribed in acute cases especially in the presence of signs of chronization process. Solving the problem of treatment of chronic hepatitides is more complicated problem than treatment of acute hepatitides, which are often cured even without the help of doctors. 

 QUESTION: My husband has liver cirrhosis, we are disappointed in different hepatoprotectors – they have no visible effect. How much your method is effective?

 ANSWER: The use of method is indicated in case of liver cerrhosis due to the fact that blood supply of liver becomes better (occurrences of portal hypertension decrease, risk of bleeding of esophageal varicose dilated veins decreases) occurrences of fibrotisation decrease (proved by US investigations), significant liver cells regeneration takes place (proved by liver puncture biopsy).  Note: the most significant pictures could be found at our site.

 QUESTION: I have chronic hepatitis C, interferon therapy is not indicated – blood indices are decreased abruptly - hemoglobin, thrombocytes. Is it possible to use your method and what can be the results?

  ANSWER: Not only one can use it but also it is necessary to do so. Method application already within first 10 days significantly increases the quantity of hemoglobin and thrombocytes in blood, liver cytolytic enzymes (ALT, AST) are decreased and other indices become better as well. After the treatment course by «GRINIZATION™» method these indices usually become normal within 30 days.

 QUESTION: What side effects can arise in case of use of the method and are there any contraindications?

 ANSWER: We did not notice any side effects for the whole observation period except for some period of adaptation, which can show itself as gastric discomfort (rumbling, insignificant abdominal swelling). An allergic reaction is possible for some ingredients (for example – iodine allergy), in this case the use of method is possible only under medical observation.